Expand Your Social Circle and Meet New Friends

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If there’s one thing the pandemic taught us, it’s that keeping social connections is important. Aside from the popular ones such as Facebook and Instagram, newcomer Sneaky Links isn’t afraid to stand out from the rest and offer something new.

What is Sneaky Links App?

Sneaky Links: Meet New Friends is a social media community designed with easy interaction in mind. Being an app, Sneaky Links is widely available and can be downloaded in the App Store or Play Store. Sneaky Links is kind of different as it has an ‘incognito mode’ for connecting with other people, which presents itself in several interesting ways.

Basically, the Sneaky Links feature lets you connect with people without giving away your location and other private data. In-person dates are unlocked along with filters that you’d want to experience. It’s like a clandestine meeting where you can explore the waters and try out a non-conventional approach to real dating.

Go Live Event

Sneaky Links has a ‘go live’ event where you can create exclusive moments for your audience. This comes with the option to get earnings and host parties designed for fun and engagement.

Create Party Rooms

Users can join parties in their areas or with their connections or create their own and invite their connections. Setting it up is easy and the moment goes live depending on your chosen parameters.

Friend Suggestions

Like any good social media app, Sneaky Links has a ‘recommendations’ section so you can add more friends to your social circle. In addition, you can see your friend’s posts, comment, share, and like, as well as send coins for fun.

Create Content in a Variety of Ways

Content creation is made easier and more versatile. You can use text, media, and your smartphone’s camera and post it immediately on the app. As an aside, every member undergoes a thorough verification process to eliminate fake accounts and phishing schemes.

Sneaky Links promises to be a different social media app for people who are looking for something more exciting. Try it today.

Sneaky Links: Expand Your Social Circle and Meet New Friends

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